Kate J. Armstrong
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Once upon a time…

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…there was a girl who really liked telling stories.

Growing up in Washington D.C. and Virginia, I wrote everything from Fear Street reenactments to epic poems about my love for Batman, but I didn’t write my first complete novel until I was all grown up. I ran away to Europe, then Australia, where I got a Masters degree in Journalism and went straight to work as an illustrated book editor. I helped shape books on everything from climbing mountains and flying through space to brewing beer and DIYing some killer confetti earrings. I also spent three years as a high school English teacher, which often involved some of my favorite things: playing 1920s mood music loudly, shouting speeches from Macbeth, and waxing lyrical about what makes great stories tick.

Through all of that, I never stopped writing. I write The Exploress, a narrative nonfiction podcast about women in history, and Young Adult speculative novels full of magic, romance and a whole lot of drama.

I now live in Melbourne, Australia, with my husband. When I’m not writing or recording things in my microphone cave, I can be found climbing mountains, hugging trees, finding excuses to dress up in period attire, and reading way past my bedtime.



I write YA novels that almost always include magic, fantasy, separated siblings, Intense Feelings and a healthy splash of romance. Repped by Adams Literary.


I’ve worked in nonfiction for something like ten years, both writing and editing. I’ve written a special edition of National Geographic called Greatest Parks of the World and a few chapters for their book Uncommon History of Common Things 2.

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In 2018, I started a podcast that time travels back to particular eras in places to try and find out what it was like to be a woman of that time. I dive an average lady’s day, exploring everything from what underwear she’s sporting and what she’s using to shampoo her hair to courtship rituals and what’s on her dinner table. My goal, always, is to be both informative and entertaining - this is not your average history lesson, to be sure.

The first season explored mid- 19th century Civil War-era America, doing a deep dive into the lives of women both famous and obscure, and Season 2 explores women of the ancient world.



I’ve been a book editor for ten years, helping to make beautiful illustrated books on everything from travel and adventure to science, cookbooks, craft guides, and more. Below are just some of the books I’ve worked on.


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