I love my students. Even when they spell ‘nature’ incorrectly just to try and drive me insane.

Since falling in love with camp counseling at age 19, I’ve been mixing teaching into my working life at every possible opportunity. I particularly love teaching workshops on writing and editing. I’ve designed and taught workshops for both adults and children, on everything from research practices and common grammar mistakes to creating dynamic settings and developing interesting characters. In teaching both fiction and nonfiction, I love getting students excited about their own potential and the many tools available to them when it comes to telling their stories and other people’s (made up or not).

I spent three years as a high school English and Creative Writing teacher, using my editorial background to develop a creative writing curriculum that inspired teens to write, but also gave them critical tools to build their skills and understanding of the craft. My experience teaching literature has made me very fond of teaching students to analyze great pieces of writing, tearing them apart to figure out what makes them tick, and to apply those techniques to their own stories and see what happens. I’m a very passionate teacher, and I pride myself on my ability to use that passion to deliver memorable, hands-on workshops that help students learn and grow in exciting and measurable ways. Having worked with both adults and teens, I have a keen sense for what works in the classroom and what students need to stay engaged and enthused. I’m not above using puppets, fake candelabra, or funny/bad accents.

I currently offer my teaching services in the form of workshops, mentorships, and talks. It’s one of my very favorite things to do.


Some of my recent courses and workshops:

  • Writers on Wednesdays: Travel Writing (a 1.5-hour seminar taught at Writers Victoria)
  • Travel Writing: How to Frame Your Adventures So Someone Else Can Have It, Too (six hours; taught at both Writers Victoria and Writers NSW)
  • I have served as travel writing mentor as part of the Queensland Writers Centre’s Writer’s Surgery program, reviewing and mentoring budding travel writers

My teaching services include:

  • Developing engaging curriculum on writing (nonfiction and fiction), editing, revision, and research.
  •  Delivering inspiring and challenging workshops on the many different aspects of the writing process.
  • Delivering informative workshops on the many different aspects of the editing process: how to conduct revisions on your own work, and how to go about editing someone else’s.

If you’d like to speak about my teaching experience and what I can offer, please get in touch!