My experience as a project manager has afforded me the unique opportunity to take a book all the way through the editorial process, allowing me to become well versed on what it takes to turn an idea into a beautiful finished product. I’ve worn pretty much every editorial hat there is. I’ve concept-designed and outlined a book’s content; crafted flat plans; collaborated with designers, photo editors, and cartographers to ensure the book gets the right look and feel for its content; worked closely with writers to develop a strong and dynamic manuscript; performed everything from “big picture” developmental edits to line and copyedits; and proofed and marked up final pages. I’ve managed schedules and ensured projects are kept on schedule.

I started my editorial career proofing maps, giving me a long and deep affection for illustrated publishing projects. My unique and particular experience in illustrated publishing has made me adept at ensuring that graphics, photos, and text all work together on the page (whether that page is printed or electronic). I’m always especially excited to work on beautiful reference, educational, and coffee table books that inspire and educate with excellent writing and compelling images.

I’ve also edited individual projects in both fiction and nonfiction. In fiction, my background in Young Adult (I write it, and have edited it) makes me the perfect choice for those looking for help with developmental editing or coaching for their manuscript or line editing that will help it to shine. I’ve helped academics organize and polish articles, helping them ensure that they’re ready for submission or publication.


My Editing Services Include:

  • Project Management: guiding a project through from initial conception to final product.
  • Developmental Editing: developing outlines and flat plans; organizing a project’s flow and scope; working on “big picture” ideas (pacing, organizational clarity, voice); streamlining and organizing content.
  • Copyediting: Editing for clarity by paying attention to things like voice, language, syntax, sentence structure, and word choice, all with the intended audience in mind.
  • Line Editing: Editing for issues of grammar, spelling, consistency of style and information.
  • Proofreading: proofreading PDF design pages, as well as finished manuscripts (both fiction and nonfiction).
  • Research: collecting research for writers to turn into prose; fact checking; interviewing and exploring for what’s new in a variety of fields and areas (I’ve researched ancient history, national parks, everyday objects, American history, space mysteries, and beyond).

For more on my past experience, please see my Portfolio. If you have questions about my services, I’d love to hear from you!