Beam Me Up: National Geographic’s Star Trek Adventure


When I was asked to be the “Trekkie research expert” on this beautiful book by Andrew Fazekas, I almost laughed. Not because it was all that funny – it was one of the more awesome job offers I’ve received – but because I had watched precisely one movie and two episodes, tops.  To say I felt out of my depth is being kind.

Luckily it wasn’t anything a weeks-long Star Trek marathon, the excellent-and-sometimes-frightening Star Trek wiki, and a lot of science research couldn’t fix. I wouldn’t say I became a Trekkie, but editing and researching parts of this book taught me a huge number of interesting things. First, that Spock is kind of sexy. Second, that space in kind of sexy. Third, that no one’s going to have the technology to beam me up anytime soon.

This book gives readers an in-depth glimpse at the night sky through the visionary lens of Star Trek. It’s equal parts astrological exploration, night sky field guide, and fun guide through the Star Trek universe’s facts and fictions. It’ll tell you what Star Trek technologies we’re close to mastering in real life. It’ll illustrate the space’s most fascinating phenomena through the eyes of both science and Captain Kirk. In short, it offers something really cool to both science geeks and Trekkie enthusiasts.

I may not be a Trekkie, even now, but I’m incredibly grateful to have spent time in that world. And for the ability to hold an hour-long conversation with a Trekkie at a Halloween party and trick him into believing that I’m a \member of the club.