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KateJArmstrong_PhotoThe Shorter Version

Hi: I’m Kate, and I specialize in writing and editing illustrated book projects for individuals, publishers, and nonprofit clients. I love producing beautifully crafted, info-rich books on travel, adventure, history, science, nature, and education (to name a few). I have written for, managed, and edited books about everything from adventures on the world’s highest mountains to understanding our universe’s unsolved mysteries.

I believe in being intrepid – in going forth boldly with an adventurous spirit – in life and in my work. I offer an approach to writing, editing, and teaching that’s bold, creative, thorough, and thoughtful. For more on my experience and what I offer, please go forth and explore the rest of my website.

I would love to hear about your company or project! You can contact me in any of the following ways: Linkedin, Twitter, or via my Contact Me page.


The Longer Version

IMG_0001I’ve always loved the written word. I used to run my hands over my publisher grandfather’s walls of books, falling in love with typefaces and plumbing his thesaurus for strange, exotic-sounding words like “foppish”. I spent afternoons in my parent’s basement writing epic poems about Batman and tales of tiny dragons. It wasn’t until college that I realized I didn’t just love the writing itself: I reveled in the collaborative effort it takes to put together a piece of writing, the rounds of back-and-forth editing and the physical process of turning words into a book. In college I got passionate about using my editorial skills to help other writers become better at their own expression. I consulted with countless students in the Writing Center and gave enthusiastic, hand-gesture-heavy workshops on grammar, editing, and documentation that helped make me a better writer, too. 

Then I left college and traveled the world with far too many books in my backpack, looking for inspiration. I found it everywhere. I discovered the joy of unearthing stories and uncovering the details that make a place special. My adventures led me to Australia, where I got a Master’s degree in journalism that allowed me to split my time between learning how to collect and express good stories and how to package, edit, and market them. I got the chance to marry my passions for editing and travel in working as an editorial assistant and project leader for an award-winning map and travel guide publisher. Since then, I’ve continued to grow my skills in illustrated publishing, working on gorgeous nonfiction projects that seek to inspire and educate. I’ve worked with famous mountain climbers and influential scientists, journalists and adventurers. I continue to love maps a lot, even though they can’t always save me from my poor sense of direction.

I’ve split my working life between writing and editing, project management, and teaching both adults and children. I’ve found that each of these areas informs the others in fascinating and sometimes unexpected ways. My work as a writer and editor, combined with my adventures in writing Young Adult novels, allowed me to craft and teach workshops that help students understand how writing works in inspiring and innovative ways. Teaching makes me an even more mindful editor, too, giving me a unique and ever-evolving understanding and appreciation of the written word and how to turn it into the best possible version of itself.

I split my time between Melbourne, Australia and Washington D.C., and am always on the hunt for my next big adventure.


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