Gazing Up: Nat Geo’s Guide to the Night Sky

I used to spend long summer nights out in the front yard gazing up at the stars and wondering. What were those constellations I could see, but not name? What was it that created a shooting star? Were there untold creatures out there amongst the stars gazing out at me with the same kind of fascination?

And so I’m especially excited that one of my editorial projects, Guide to the Night Sky, is out in the world.

Night Sky

This project gave me the chance to learn A LOT about the night sky that I didn’t already know. From how to watch eclipses to understanding solar flares, I gained a much greater appreciation for what I’m looking at when I gaze up at the starry sky. It includes a appendix full of handy star charts that will help even the least experienced stargazer find interesting objects, and explain what makes them special. And then there is each chapter’s fascinating Q&A written by Frank Drake, the father of extraterrestrial exploration. It’s not every day I get to work with a rock star of the science world!

This book is a must-read for anyone interested in knowing more about what’s out there and how to go outside and spot it. If you don’t see it on shelves, you can find it here.